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About us

African Oil and Gas media/ news Services

African Oil and Gas media/ news Services, is an organization that broadcast information relating  to the impact of multi-national, national and local Oil and Gas  company.

What we are about

Assessment and analysis of activities of Oil and Gas in Host/ impact Communities in Nigeria particularly and Africa generally,  through direct communication/ interview with company management staff and community leaders or representatives.

Their singular purpose is to bridge the gap between host communities, and oil and gas prospecting companies through proper presentation of the facts and figures on development or non development in communities, in other to ensure that peace and progress is attainable for both host communities and Oil and Gas prospecting companies. 
AFRICAN NEWS ONLINE AND MEDIA/ NEWS SERVICES is also a consultancy firm on conflicts and resolution towards attaining peaceful coexistence between host communities and Oil and Gas  prospecting companies.

Being a purely community peoples company,

The company assist on information and analysis on the activities of pipeline surveillance and monitoring to avoid pipeline breakdown and Oil spillages including the negative effects of gas flaring through a coordinated working relationship and understanding between Community, Media and Company.

AFRICAN OIL AND GAS MEDIA/ NEWS SERVICES,  is the twin arm of our company, its major specialization is consultancy and organization of Seminars services on how to achieve peace and harmonious relationship between leaders/representatives, and youths of host communities and to establish diplomatic relationship with Oil and Gas prospecting companies. including handling of civil works and supplies.

Part of our services strategy is to act as advance party to community/ communities where Oil and Gas company/companies have discovered Oil/Gas potential, create a peaceful and harmonious  meeting with host community/communities and then feed back report to would be company/companies, thereby paving the way for  harmonious community/company working relationship.


To become a world class player in the Oil and Gas Sector genuine information sourcing, gathering, management, promotion, dissemination, etc . in other to advance the common good of the people of Nigeria/Africa.


African oil and gas media/news company leverages on the vehicle of information and communication technology through balanced reporting of activities of Oil and Gas prospecting multi-national, national and local companies to fast drive peace and harmonious working relationship between companies and communities where Oil and Gas is prospected in Nigeria particularly and Africa in general.


AFRICAN NEWS ONLINE AND MEDIA/ NEWS SERVICES also features information on : Politics, Agriculture, lifestyle Health, Sports, Trending Fashion,lifestyle/ Entertainment Gossips, Nigerian HOSTCOM/TROMPCON Administration, etc.